The Voom Room is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity that was created to provide instruction of social skills, etiquette and character development. Students learn through hands-on and applied practices and the classes culminate with a meal to demonstrate newly acquired skills and to receive awards.

Students range from 2nd to 12th grade. Business etiquette is also available to college age youth and adults.

  • Please, thank-you, excuse me
  • Dining: eating in a restaurant, being a guest
  • Writing thank-you notes, responding to invitations, expressing sympathy
  • Respecting, talking and listening to adults
  • Social media, computer/cell phone manners
  • Boundaries, taking photos
  • Introductions, compliments and apologies
  • Gossiping, bullying and keeping secrets
  • Loosing graciously, arguing graciously
  • Appropriate clothing, personal grooming
  • Sitting, walking, public staircases, getting in or out of a car
  • Helping others, holding open the door


Rates for services vary and depend on size of group, venue and number of classes.

Example of Curriculum..depends on # of classes